Irresistibly quaint and tropical, Sundy Village beckons visitors to explore its breezy, open air walkways, inviting shops and restaurants, and experience the easy, old fashioned charm of this inimitable “village by the sea.”


Delight in the diverse culinary specialties and the gloriously casual atmosphere of downtown Delray Beach dining. Here, every meal feels like an intimate occasion, somehow set apart from the real world in a place untouched by time.


The spectrum of signature boutiques that make Delray Beach such a shopping destination is perfectly aligned with the vision of Sundy Village, which extends the footprint of downtown and invites visitors to explore new retail experiences.


Visitors from all over the world know Delray Beach as a picturesque seaside paradise where leisure can be found year-round. It’s a destination for family and friends to meet, celebrate, and to enjoy the distinctively relaxed lifestyle together.

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