Sundy Village

The property will feature an exceptional collection of high-end restaurants, retail, entertainment, and hospitality options.

Six historic homes, including the Sundy House which is  listed on the National Register of Historic Places, will be preserved, restored, and integrated within the development.

Preserved and restored historical homes will provide 7,000 square feet of retail space.

Sundy Village will include 96,000 square feet of ‘Class A’ office space with diverse layout plans spanning eight newly-constructed buildings. Amenities include an exclusive tenant café & bar and conferencing facilities.

26,000 square feet of premium food/beverage space, as well as retail space, is located on the ground floor to promote all-day foot traffic and serve office tenants on-site.

An underground parking garage spanning a full block will add 269 parking spaces and expand Delray Beach’s downtown footprint.

The three-acre campus-style layout will have open-air courtyards, walkways, event space and dining and seating areas.

Moving Delray Beach Forward with Care


Property owner Pebb Capital spent more than a year on development plan revisions and securing new approvals to ensure that important historical preservation and environmental goals were met for Sundy Village.


Pebb Capital revised the approved site plan to minimally disrupt the historical structures on site, leaving the buildings in their current location or temporarily moving them to avoid any impact from construction.


Pebb Capital has taken extraordinary measures to preserve the site’s many historical aspects while carefully revitalizing it for visitors of today and tomorrow.


Developer Pebb Capital partnered with Community Greening, an urban forestry non-profit based in Delray Beach, to manage the environmental footprint, including the addition of 217 new trees to the city’s canopy.


Pebb Capital is a proud member of the Delray Beach Historical Society, the Downtown Development Authority, and the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce.


Sundy Village is designed to mesh perfectly with the fabric of downtown Delray Beach through a rare mix of historical landmarks and contemporary commercial spaces while adding 269 new subterranean parking spaces.

Answers to Your Questions

We are thrilled to see the interest from the community in Sundy Village. Here are answers to frequently asked questions we’ve received.

We anticipate to break ground in Q3 of 2022.

Delivery is slated for Q4 2023

The project was originally named “Midtown Delray,” by its previous owner, but we felt that the name did not sufficiently represent the property’s historic significance; thus, it was changed, along with various components of the original site plan. It is now named after Sundy House, one of Delray Beach’s oldest structures, which was built in 1902 by the city’s first Mayor, John Sundy. Sundy House sits adjacent to the property, and once served as Delray’s first bank, church, and schoolhouse.

We will not move Sundy House. However, it too will be improved and renovated with extreme care like the rest of the historic homes.